Interested in S-Tier backtested strategies for various asset classes? Do you want to have the ability to see real-time dashboard of market data how certain setups perform over short-term and long-term periods with high degree of granularity? Do you want to receive automated alerts when certain setup criteria are met, or when fresh liquidity enters a ticker before it forms high-odds setup?

Join our Discord room by selecting one of our membership below:


  • Access to S-Tier video-library, where you can learn some of our setups and study recaps from S-Tier traders
  • Real-time data dashboard of short-term and long-term market data focused on performance of best current setups. Interested knowing how much small cap gappers are pushing from open this week? Do you want to know if we have a fader market and where is it optimal to hold your position this month? You will see all these data and much more. Updated daily by our Data Analytics team.
  • Real-time alerts. Receive notification the very second when fresh liquidity/algos/market makers start ramping up a ticker or when it starts gapping on news. Receive notifications when potential criteria for high probability setup in small caps/large caps are met.
  • Access to our professional traders via DMs. They will answer your questions and can help review your trades as well.
  • Data analysis requests from members. Every month we create a pool where Discord members can vote on custom analysis that will be conducted and published by our analytics team per most frequent members request




  • Custom Data analysis requests. Once a month, our data analytics team will prepare a custom tailored analysis for your market/asset class and metrics of your choice, or help you backtest a strategy
  • AI software insights. Use insights from our proprietary software that uses artificial intelligence to improve already existing setups based on current market trends, or help you find brand new setups in market and asset class of your choice


IMPORTANT: Please note we DO NOT pump stocks nor we send types of alerts that tell you to buy or sell stock at a certain price! Our alerts are ONLY to identify fresh liquidity or potential high-odds setup meeting criteria quickly, usually much faster before anyone else sees it on a scanner.

Our Alerts are fully automated and are NOT by any means considered as investment advice, suggestion or recommendation to buy, sell or participate in trading any security!