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With statistical approach to trading, we use AI and machine learning to refine our edge and consistently extract money from the market

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S-Tier DNA

Data and AI-driven approach

Trading in 2023 and beyond is all about data quality and ability to identify patterns with statistical edge that can be REPEATEDLY used to extract money from the markets with low risk. S-Tier has a team of full-time data analysts employed to develop and constantly refine patterns with large statistical edge within the small cap equities as well as other markets and asset classes.

We use a fully automated backtesting software that allows us to refine edge in all setups, We also have inhouse IT team developing
a proprietary AI-driven data analytics software which consistently improves setups  based on current markets FoTM and it also helps us to identify new major opportunities across various markets.


Maintaining an exceptional level of integrity, not only with fellow traders, but also with followers and stakeholders is our major guiding principle. We preach honesty, transparency, and high ethical standards, refusing to engage in any activities involving pump and dump schemes, trading against our subscribers or followers and using them as liquidity exit, or any other unethical or illegal practices.

When Warren Buffet testified about a securities scandal at Salomon Brothers in 1991, he said a sentence that became a core of our DNA:

If you lose money for the firm, we will be understanding. Lose a shred of reputation for the firm, and we will be ruthless.

Trading as videogame,
not a business

Although trading ultimately is a business, we hate to think about it that way. First and foremost goal of any business is to make money. If you focus on money and start setting PnL targets for yourself, you are bound to fail. As traders, we are not paid to sit 16 hours a day at the desk and push buttons. We are paid to identify setups where the odds are massively stacked in our favor and to execute flawlessly with discipline while keeping the risk under control.

That’s why we perceive trading as a videogame – we show up at the desk every single day, looking to find a potential match where we have an edge, play it using our strategy, to the best of our ability and focus on proper execution and risk control. Because long term, if you trade well, profits will take care of themselves.

Discipline, not motivation

Discipline is a key element in achieving success as a trader. Motivation is like a feather in the wind, always fleeting, leaving one with little control to no control over behavior when motivation gets depleted.  Unlike motivation, discipline involves sticking to your plan, stops, risk limits and to consistently do the behind the scene work REGARDLESS of whether you feel motivated to do it or not.

The shadow work involves journaling, tracking your trades and setups, replaying tape, retrading on sim, learning from your mistakes, logging your charts, replaying key order flow moments etc.  This is the secret that separates exceptional traders from the mediocre ones. By being disciplined, we never have to rely on motivation and that allows us to always stay on the top of the game.


We provide traders of all skill levels with the opportunity to unlock their true money-making potential and achieve remarkable success. We believe that every person has unique untapped abilities and talents tied to a certain personality type, waiting to be identified and used correctly in trading.

Through our comprehensive educational resources, mentorship programs, statistically driven strategies and AI powered analytics software, we help traders to break through their limitations, overcome challenges, and reach new heights of financial success.

Relentless Determination

Always pushing and getting exceptional results is in our DNA. For us, mediocrity is never an option and we believe the true success comes from giving your absolute best effort in every aspect. It helps us take calculated risks, to step out of comfort zone, and to embrace all the opportunities and growth as well as painful failures. 

S-Tier traders create a culture of high performance as we refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. This sets us apart from other traders and drives us towards consistent improvement which over time translates into exceptional success in the financial market.


Cultivating a community of like-minded traders is not only about discipline and hard work, but also about empathy. We help you face overwhelming odds, negative emotions, disappointments, and failures. We recognize that trading is an extremely challenging journey.

That is why we strive to create a compassionate environment where traders feel understood, supported, and encouraged. Took a big loss and you feel like shit? Got stuck in a drawdown? We all did. Through empathy and reflecting on your mistakes, we offer a helping hand during key moments that either make you or break you as a trader.


“I am large, I contain multitudes”. By this line of our favorite poet Walt Whitman, we unlock and expand your best personality traits and improve your skillset to trade multiple asset classes, learn new setups and increase your risk tolerance while growing your equity curve exponentially.

We recognize that true growth extends beyond mere financial success. That’s why we help you to shape the best version of your future self through a comprehensive approach using innovative technology, education, resources and mentorship to bring a limitless expansion.

Tom Haart

CEO, Trader

Daryl Ong

Chief Risk Management Officer

Stefan Vasilev

Chief Financial Officer


Got a question or want to connect with us? Write to our CEO Tom directly.

Currently, our main offices are located in Prague, Czech Republic (EU).

Joining us here in person is preferable.

Experienced traders are welcome to join remotely as well. We record all sessions and usually have live camera in the office, so you can connect with us any time you want.